What is CoSatoshi

CoSatoshi (one with Satoshi) is a Bitcoin-only online store and learning center on a mission to educate and elucidate audiences about the unique and awesome powers of Bitcoin.

This is accomplished through Bitcoin artwork swag, insights, newsletters, and personal guidance from an expert with years of experience and study.

It’s been a year since transitioning to a Bitcoin-only focus. My journey in the cryptocurrency world has been extensive and varied. After dabbling in various 'crypto' projects, it became increasingly clear that Bitcoin stands apart as the singular, true digital asset amidst many overhyped, centralized, and ultimately flawed ventures.

My decision to rebrand the store as 'CoSatoshi' (One With Satoshi) was a nod to this revelation and a tribute to the visionary ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto.

With a degree in Economics, comprehensive IT certification and training, and years of hands-on experience mining cryptocurrencies, my exploration into this realm has been both deep and wide-ranging. My expertise is further enriched by my time working for renowned Bitcoin mining firms, where I gained invaluable insights into the operational and economic aspects of Bitcoin mining.

This website and newsletter is born out of not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical, real-world experience. I've synthesized thousands of hours of study, various economic theories, advanced models, and a wealth of data to cultivate a nuanced understanding of the nature of money and Bitcoin’s pivotal role in the future financial landscape.

 Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast or new to the world of digital assets, this newsletter aims to provide you with a rich, informed perspective on Bitcoin, combining economic principles with technical know-how. Join me in exploring the intricacies and potential of Bitcoin, as we delve into its implications for the future of money and beyond.

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